An éclair is an oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with a flavored diplomate cream and topped with icing.
Layers of sponge and vanilla creme mousseline, grilled almonds on the side and raspberries on the top.
Biscuit framboises
Extra bitter Valrhona 61% dark chocolate mousse dome with an inclusion of raspberry. coulis in the middle and a mirroir glazing on the outside.
Bomb' Choc
Sweet dough case, vanilla flavored creme diplomate and strawberries.. a CLASSICAL!
Strawberry Tartlet
A rum baba or baba au rhum is a small yeast cake saturated in rum, and  filled with sweatenned whipped cream.
Baba au Rhum
A  Black Forest gateau is a layered with two joconde sponges (on the bottom and in he middle) and two layers, one of dark chocolate and griolltines mousse on the bottom and another of sweatened whipped cream with griollotines on the top.
Black Forest
Sweet dough case, vanilla flavored creme diplomate and raspberries.. a CLASSICAL!
Raspberry Tartlet
Breton sable case, dark chocolate dome and caramel cremeux on the top. A hit for all the caramel-chocolate combo lovers!
Chocolate and Caramel Tartlet
Special Offer with 4 refreshing Verinnes of your choice for £10.00.
4 Verinnes for £10.00

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