Des pâtissiers en perpertuelle créativité..

Patissierie Maxime in Edinburgh



Cyril Barthelme first came to Edinburgh as a student. He liked the city so much that he decided to stay. And now, more than six years later, his patisserie is keeping locals and tourists happy with classic lunchtime food offerings, satisfying the cravings of those drawn in by a stunning display of cakes that offers an insight into the talents at work in the kitchen. Its a bright airy space, similar in style to the establishment in Alsace which inspired Cyril. The French jazz that provides the soundtrack, plus a menu that is unmistakably Gallic in the choices it offers, transport visitors across the Channel, rekindling holiday reminiscences of that croque monsieur in a beachside bar, tasty soups in a village café and, of course, macarons and gateaux such as Verinne and tarte citron.